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The Green

Welcome to the Insitu GRC "The Green In Auckland" Project Page!

We are thrilled to present our collaboration with "The Green," a vibrant hospitality precinct that welcomed its doors in mid-2021. This dynamic destination offers a diverse range of food and beverage outlets accompanied by an expansive public recreation space, creating a hub of activity and enjoyment.

At Insitu GRC, we had the privilege of contributing to the atmosphere and aesthetics of "The Green" by supplying a significant number of custom planters. These planters, crafted in both our sleek Charcoal and captivating Corten Rusted finish, seamlessly blend with the urban environment, adding an element of nature to the bustling atmosphere.

Our partnership with Mace Landscapes Ltd. was instrumental in realizing this project's vision. Together, we harmonized our expertise to create custom planters that not only enhance the overall design but also serve as functional elements within the space.

As you explore our "The Green In Auckland" Project Page, you'll witness the fusion of design and practicality that defines our work. These custom planters, carefully crafted by our skilled artisans, exemplify our commitment to innovation and quality.


Join us on this inspiring journey through our collaboration with "The Green." Discover how our Charcoal and Corten Rusted planters enrich the hospitality precinct's atmosphere, and experience the artistry that Insitu GRC brings to modern urban landscapes.

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