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custom benchtops

Concrete benches embody a timeless elegance, delivering beauty, functionality, and durability in equal measures. These unique features make them an excellent choice for various spaces, from kitchens and bathrooms to laundries and commercial settings such as hospitality venues.

Concrete is more than just a material; it's a long-term investment. With its combination of hard-wearing durability and attractive aesthetics, a concrete bench doesn't just provide practical functionality – it makes a bold, individual statement. Experience the unique charm and lasting value of concrete with our selection of benches



Having a custom concrete counter top keeps you one step ahead of your neighbours, as each bench is individually moulded and is truly unique. Due to concrete’s versatility, it is one of the most extensively used building materials in the world, mainly because it can easily be formed into intricate shapes and is extremely durable. Concrete bench tops are an increasingly popular and practical choice in new or existing homes and commercial applications. Limitless flexibility in colour, shape, thickness and texture contribute to this popularity; as does the current high demand for the clean, modern design solutions that are possible with concrete.

​​Made to Measure

All GRC concrete benches are made in a mould. This means we can customise your counter to almost any size. Such flexibility in the moulding process allows you to work with Insitu to personalise your bench to suit your tastes and requirements.  Insitu can add a number of different mediums to the concrete and can customise the colour to make your bench that little bit more special and fit with your décor.  Sinks and cooking hobs can easily be incorporated, as can waterfall ends and many other design features.

We are happy to work with your kitchen designer and cabinet maker to ensure a seamless process from design right through to installation.​ At Insitu GRC we offer knowledgeable advice and honestly inform you of the pros and cons of concrete.

Many Advantages

One advantage that comes with selecting GRC is that we can make it as thin or chunky as you like. Concrete counters look great with a substantial depth and can turn your bench top into a real feature of the room. Given the nature of the GRC manufacturing process, means that in 99% of cases, you will not have to reinforce your joinery as you would with traditional concrete.
​We can make most counters in one piece, but in some circumstances where extra large areas are involved, seams may be necessary. When installed these joins become part of the appeal of a solid looking surface finish.
​As part of the flexibility of GRC concrete, this includes the choice of moulded integrated sinks (with or without drainer trays) and under or overmount sinks options. Insitu GRC can even create a matching utility bench for your outdoor BBQ area or courtyard to encourage an indoor-outdoor flow.

The Process

Following your consultation and your decision to have an Insitu GRC concrete bench top, we will manufacture your concrete masterpiece in our Christchurch factory.  

We will make a template from your cabinetry, then form and seal the bench top. The bench top can be delivered and installed all by our experienced team.


​All our bench tops are sealed to protect them from stains. We have a range of sealers available, depending on the clients taste or requirements. Insitu will advise you on the most suitable sealer for your project. All benches are sealed with a specific stone sealer. We strive to keep up with the latest international technology and currently use one of the most progressive sealers available in the world. Food safe and stain resistant, the sealer offers a hard wearing solution and easy care option.

It is important to note that whilst considered a low maintenance option, concrete benches shouldn’t be treated as invincible. It is recommended that you use cutting boards and hot plates when working on the concrete. Cleaning up any spills that may occur is also advised .Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners.

​Concrete is heat resistant although it is always recommended to use a board or trivet when possible. A great advantage of concrete is that it is repairable unlike most other counter top materials. Surface damage although unlikely, can be refreshed if needed but it is always best to minimise this requirement.

Please contact us to discuss your benchtop requirements. 


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