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Frequently Asked Questions About our bespoke furniture &  Business

  • Do you ship NZ Wide?
    Insitu can organise a door to door service for delivery of all our products nationwide. Due to their size and/or weight, these are delivered on a pallet by our dedicated delivery service, together with any other items ordered. The delivery charge will be calculated based on weight and volume. Alternatively, you are welcome to organise your own freight company or furniture movers. We are happy to recommend our regular shipping companies who understand our product and have experience in transporting our products safely.
  • Can I combine shipping on multiple items?
    If you are ordering multiple items it is best to contact us and speak in person, our website cannot calculate shipping for multiple items.
  • What is the product manufactured from?
    A special mix of GRC materials and cement. GRC stands for Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete making it substantially stronger than standard concrete. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, it is also of a much lighter weight. See more about GRC on our “What is GRC” page.
  • How should I maintain my glass reinforced concrete furniture?
    Very little maintenance is required for your glass reinforced concrete furniture. Several coats of industry specific specialty sealer have been applied to all products before leaving the factory. This helps to repel water and other liquids and will help prevent deep stains from occurring such as red wine. Most spills can be removed using hot soapy water and a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. By far the best solution is to place the furniture in full sun where the natural sun rays will bleach out any imperfections. We also recommend the application of our Insitu GRC concrete wax at the beginning and end of each Summer season. By applying twice annually, this will add a protective coating to the outdoor furniture which will give another level of resistance and will aid in the longevity of the furniture remaining like new. Contact us today for more information and to purchase our wax. We strive to keep up to date with the latest and best technology internationally and are proud to be able to bring the next big thing in kitchen countertop sealers for our interior benches. The application of our very specific nano-technology sealant brings the next level in protection, stain resistance and food safety standards.
  • What are the standard finish options?
    Insitu GRC furniture comes in standard size and colour options. Our current standard colours are: Limestone, Urban Grey, Concrete Grey and Charcoal. Please refer to the colour swatch samples. Also available are full design and custom making services for specific size and colour choices. Please contact Insitu GRC to discuss your individual project requirements.
  • Can the furniture be placed on a deck or apartment balcony?
    Yes. Due to the product being lighter than ordinary concrete, in most situations the furniture can be placed on decking and balconies. A large 2.2m Dining Table and Pew setting will only weigh the same as 3-4 average people. Please check the weight restrictions for your individual circumstances and we can advise on a suitable setting. Insitu GRC planters are a popular option due to their lighter weight. Most Insitu GRC furniture can be lifted by two able people.
  • What about coastal and high wind environments?
    Although GRC is lighter than traditional concrete, it is still of a substantial weight to make it an ideal option for use in reasonably extreme New Zealand conditions. Insitu GRC have proudly supplied furniture for use in some of the harshest weather conditions that New Zealand can offer up. From the toughest winters in the Lower South, to the fiercest winds on the peaks of Mt John in Lake Tekapo, our GRC furniture stands unaffected. The furniture is naturally resistant to the ocean salts of our coastal conditions and tolerant of the extreme sun that our Summers deliver. You could say that it is the perfect outdoor furniture!
  • What is the white appearing on my furniture?
    In some instances, you may notice some white salt deposits on the surface of the furniture. This is called “efflorescence” and occurs naturally in all concrete products. Basically, it is the natural salts coming to the surface whilst the concrete cures fully. It shows more after a period of rain and will cease over time as the concrete cures. In the meantime, the salts can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. It tends to show ​more on darker colours as the contrast is greater.
  • How do I position my furniture?
    Tables and seat units need to be positioned with the legs at 2/3 intervals. This will ensure that the furniture is stable and that the top will not bow.
  • Can I have an umbrella hole in my table?
    Whilst it is not recommended, an umbrella hole can be supplied in the tables on request. If this option is chosen, then an appropriately sized umbrella weight must be used, and the umbrella should be pinned into the weight to minimise movement. It is encouraged that the umbrella be taken down when not in use and should not be left in the table during strong weather conditions.
  • Do you do custom jobs?
    Absolutely, we can do all sorts of custom work from commercial to domestic. From bespoke furniture, pots and planters to building facades we do it all.
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