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Pots and Planters

Explore our Diverse Collection of Concrete Pots and Planters


Welcome to our world of concrete pots and planters where creative landscaping finds its perfect companion. Our extensive range spans from charming compact cubes to eye-catching concrete bowl planters, catering to a variety of preferences and project scopes.


What sets our planters apart is the dedication we invest in each piece. Every planter is meticulously crafted to order, right here in New Zealand, reflecting not only our commitment to quality but also our unwavering attention to detail. The result is a selection that radiates both durability and style.


In case you're in search of that truly unique piece, fear not. Our commitment to customization means that if you can't find exactly what you're envisioning, we're just a conversation away. Our skilled team is adept at creating custom-sized planters, tailoring them precisely to your landscaping needs. This versatility makes our products ideal for both commercial and residential projects.

Step into our world of concrete pots and planters, where innovation meets nature's beauty. We invite you to explore our range, ignite your imagination, and discover the ideal pieces that will breathe life into your landscape.

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