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​​Our unique Stacker Planters offer a revolutionary concept in pot design. GRC technology allows for easy assembly and ability to dismantle for manageable transportation. Lighter and stronger than concrete, this design gives flexibility to create a pot to requirements up to 180cm High. Choose your components and create your own unique mix and match planter.


Stacker Base - 250B x 500T x 800H

Stacker Middle - 500W x 300 (Visible Lip)

Stacker Top - 500W x 100 (Visible Lip)

2 Piece (Base & Top) - 250B x 500T x 900H

3 Piece (Base, Middle & Top) - 250B x 500T x 1200H


​The distinctive look of Insitu planters is inspired by Italian ‘polished plaster’. The tone-on-tone shades of  grey combine to give an overall effect which is contemporary without being hard edged. This GRC planter is a mid-weight range, easily handled by one-two people. They are also available in smaller and larger sizes, and different sizes can be grouped together to good effect.


•    Material: Cement and glass fibre composite

•    Surface: Smooth, with a light concrete patina
•    Suitability: Residential - light commercial - commercial
•    Frostproof: Designed for New Zealand conditions


Human silhouettes are 180cm tall, shown in image for scale.
Custom sizes are available by request.
All measurements are