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Queenstown panels

Welcome to the Insitu GRC Queenstown Panels Projects Page!

Here, we proudly present our exceptional work in Queenstown, where we manufactured a bespoke architectural GRC cladding panel for a retro fit on Rees Street. This impressive building now houses the esteemed Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein shops, boasting a sophisticated and contemporary facade crafted with our exquisite White GRC.

Our team of skilled artisans poured their creativity and expertise into creating these unique GRC cladding panels, carefully tailoring them to enhance the building's aesthetics and showcase the iconic brands within. The combination of durability, elegance, and sustainability found in our White GRC panels perfectly complements the vibrant atmosphere of Queenstown.

As you explore our Queenstown Panels Projects Page, you'll witness the seamless integration of GRC technology into architectural design. The retrofitted building stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and the transformative power of GRC in modernizing commercial spaces.

Join us on this remarkable journey through our Queenstown Projects, where innovation meets sophistication. We invite you to admire the beauty and functionality of our GRC cladding panels and experience the artistry that is Insitu GRC.

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